Thanks for a great product, we have a dust problem on the shop floor and this does the trick over enclosed cabinets!

Alan Gunderson, Package Containers, INC.

Our auto repair shop is connected to our business office and the computer is exposed to an extreme amount of dirt. After installing the Dirt Bag on our office computer, we were amazed by the amount of dirt and grime the Dirt Bag prevents from entering. Due to the large amount of dirt, dust, and oil particles in the air, we change our Dirt Bag every 2-3 months. Ever since we started using the Dirt Bag, our computer has not acted up like it had in the past.

Gene Neidholdt, Dave's Auto Parts

It is not very often that you purchase a product and find that it has exceeded expectations, but yours has! We are a precast concrete manufacturer with a small production office inside our plant. Needless to say, it is a dirty and dusty environment. When we installed new computer equipment we decided to try your Dirt Bag; what could it hurt? We have gone from computer downtime to changing the Dirt Bag quarterly, with no breakdowns in between. We have found that your bags filter out approximately 80% of the dust that was accumulating inside the computer case. Thanks for a great product!

Dan Barbour, Barbour Concrete Company

I was a bit skeptical at first after opening up the bag. I noticed a fair bit of dust on the CPU case and also dust resting on the CD housing. I was not sure at this time if this was due to me disturbing the bag and thus shaking dust loose onto the CPU or if dust was actually infiltrating the bag. After opening up the CPU case and seeing that the motherboard was absolutely spotless I am convinced the bag is doing its job. The amount of dust falling off the bag and on to the CPU case when I was unwrapping the computer is testimony to the amount of dust that is being trapped by the bag. Also, the CPU fan was spotless which is impossible without the bag.

Micah Waalen, Saunatec, Inc.

Please send two more Dirt Bags ASAP. We are very impressed with the performance of our first Dirt Bag. After six months of use there was hardly a trace of dust in my computer. In the past I had to clean it every two months. Thanks for a superior product.

Mark Halonen, Horner Flooring

Know Technology of Portland, Maine referred us to you. They service our computers & server. We have a very dirty environment with metallic dust particles that are giving our back up drive a hard time. So much so that the drive was replaced within the first year. I can tell you this- after a thorough cleaning and adding the bag, things are looking and working good. The bag is showing dirt on the outside where it would have been sucking in the dirt.

I don't know when our next purchase will be made, but I can assure you that we will be making one. Thanks again for your ingenious invention and product!

Shannon Dalton, Aero H&V, Inc.

There was a new product announcement in Textile World. Since I've gone through 3 computers in 4 years due to dust contamination, I was very interested in your innovation. Right now we've got heater filter material cut to fit over the front air intake and it's filthy after about 3 mos.

Gail White, Ozark Carding Mill

Cincinnati Fiberglass found out about your product from a Google search for "Computer Filters". We were experiencing major issues with dust overheating and the such working with fiberglass parts and sanding. Since purchasing your product we have had 60% less computer maintenance issues on machines with an installed Dirt Bag. THANKS DIRTBAG INC!

Ryan Nunner, Cincinnati Fiberglass, Inc.

Just a quick note to say thank you for providing us with an inexpensive solution for keeping the dust out of our computers.

Since we have begun using the Dirt Bags in our quality assurance and shipping departments we have eliminated computer problems created by dust. The Dirt Bags have more than paid for themselves in the reduced cost of maintenance.

David Kostolansky, Schaefer Equipment, Inc.